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  • Denis Vahey

4 Reasons Why You Need A Headshot ---

First Impressions

We live in world now where if you happen to be meeting a person for the first time they have more than likely checked you out online first. In many ways this is their first impression of you, make it a good one!


I would argue that everyone can benefit from having a professional headshot, it’s no longer something reserved to the business world. Nowadays, other than work, there a multitude of reasons people can do with a headshot: Social media platform profiles, dating apps, and job hunting are the major ones that spring to mind. After a headshot session you will have a portrait(s) that you can use on plenty of occasions.

Commercial Portrait

Highlight What You Do

It’s a chance to show the world what you are all about. Are you in business? Are you trying to land the next major in a Hollywood blockbuster?! This is a chance to highlight your individuality in a very simple but effective manner.

Look Professional

This is a chance for you to stand out for the right reasons. Having a professionally taken portrait doesn’t only make you look good it makes you look professional. That’s not to say you have to be serious it just shows that whoever is looking at your photo can quickly realise that you have gone to the effort of having your portrait taken professionally. So scrap that Linked In profiler of you at a wedding, or that twitter selfie of you on a night out with friends and get to your local portrait photographer!

Photographers are put on this earth to help you look your best - let them.

I appreciate you reading through this blog post. As a thank you, quote ‘headshot blog’ when booking for 50% off your next headshot session with me. Offer within the next two weeks. Click 'contact' to get in touch now!

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